Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Ok so for johnny's birthday, I recorded the kids singing to him Happy Birthday- the only way I could get blogger to post the video was to first upload it to youtube-well for some reason youtube did upload it, but then there is this random Japanese comedy class or something that comes on. I apologize is the content is in inappropriate (it is Japanese) I am still trying to figure out how to only post my kids video.

Happy Birthday Daddy

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Jane Bea is ONE!!!

Today, my baby officially turned 1 today. We formally celebrated last week in California with Johnny, my Mom, and brother Jeff. So this day was all about her favorites- starting off with pancakes and a bath. Then I had to work, so Jane went to her second favorite place- her daycare! and I joined her for lunch and a special birthday cookie. Then home for another favorite- mac'n'cheese. I cannot believe how fast this year has gone by. Jane is still my spite fire. She came over 3 1/2 weeks early and has never stopped letting her sweet and often loud prescence be known in this house. She has 6 teeth (which have often found their mark while nursing!) walks around the furniture, loves crawling, climbing, exploring, WATER, her siblings and has been known for being kind of a Momma's girl. Jane we love you!!!!!!

Monday, June 6, 2011

David Cash turns 3! a Weekend of Fun

My little man has turned into my sweet and not so little boy. Cash thankfully still runs into my arms each morning with a Cash smile for a hug. He is a great combination of sweet and tough- he loves to cuddle yet is all boy. For his birthday he has been asking for a few things, a new orange big boy bike, a watch, a rocket, a fishing pole and Woody/Buzz Lightyear and between us, my Mom and brother that is what he got. We celebrated Cash's birthday "Hanukkah" style with Friday at Dream Nite, Saturday we went to see Kung Fu Panda 2 (the kids and Johnny loved it- Jane was not a fan so she and I spent 99% of the time in the lobby)he got his bike, Sunday he fell asleep and woke up to his room decorated and his other presents and special birthday dinner complete with fruit kabobs. Cash is learning more and more words, his shapes, colors and one of his favorite things this year was going with Johnny to the golfing range. He makes the best facial expression including my favorite-when he he raises his eye brows up and down when he is tells you something he is excited about. Cash we love you!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Zoo Nite

For the last several years, I had the perk of taking my family to Dream Nite at the Hogle Zoo, it is an event they put on after hours for my patients. After last years face painting, Sydney planned her outfit and what animal she wanted on her face accordingly! So she became our snow leopard, Cash still really did not want anything to do with the face painting, especially after a failed panda bear. Kristin and her family joined us which was fun. We decided to celebrate Cash's birthday a little early with his requested alligator cupcake cake. Overall a great night!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

For me Memroial Day does just what it names says- it is a day filled with Memories-

as a kid it was the day we would either go to Downey to my granparents house- play in the hot tub and bbq- to this day the smell of steak on the bbq reminds me of my grandpa or we would head to my Aunt Diane's where we would swim, hang out in the Green's van, eat cool ranch doritos, peanut butter rice crspy treats and of course red slush!

now as an adult or more specifically a Mom we have started new traditions- once again living in Utah for the most part the graves we would visit are in California, leaving Johnny and I to create new traditions, so for us Memorial Day=backyard campout well. . .once again Mother Nature is throwing us a curve ball and it is still raining in UTAH! so enter Johnny- and his backup plan- blanket fort in our living room. I had to go into work for a few hours on Saturday night and came home to a serious blanket fort. Johnny should add blanket fort construction to his resume. With poles, c clamps and every large blanket we own oh and it also included our queen mattress, syd's twin mattress and cash's toddler bed mattress. So for two nights we "camped" in style. Then this morning we went "orienteering" in the form of geocaching. It was suprisingly fun.

With that said- I want to say how grateful I am to those who have given thier lives so that I may live in a country that is free. Thank you.

Monday, May 23, 2011

11 Months old!

So our little Jane Bea is 11 months old! She is active and into everything! She has 4 teeth. She loves to mimick sounds and can be VERY loud when she wants to be heard. She loves to crawl around and walk along everything and has mastered climbing the stairs ( which freaks me out) and I am embarrassed to admit but as our third child- she has been exposed to sugar in a way her brother and sister never were- case and point in these pics she found a container of chocolate frosting. . .

Monday, May 9, 2011

Kobe You are a BAD boy

To some extent there is nothing harder than being a Laker fan in the middle of Jazz country (save only being a BYU fan living miles away from the U of U) so this week has needless to say been rough in the Hollingshead household. The kids after learning form their parents who learned it from their parents-yell at the TV during games. So when I yelled at the TV on Sunday during the game, "C'mon Lakers"- Cash was quick to yell "Kobe you are a BAD BOY"